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Value-Added Services

Structuring existing business models for expansion in global markets

In a globally competitive world, small to medium size companies, which are the backbone of the economy, simply do not have the financial and human resources to, either, get off the ground or expand, without which their very survival becomes questionable.  Time and again, we have seen through our SR&ED related consulting services, companies that, although they possess exceptional products, solutions and services, are failing, due to reasons other than technology, products, solutions and services offered.

Large corporations have the luxury of both in-house and external resources such as large consulting firms to guide them, regarding matters such as technology/IP evaluation, financing and investment, outsourcing, business plans, prospectus building and marketing strategies, etc.

Over 99% of all Canadian corporations are small to medium-sized with approximately 55% comprised of less than 5 employees, 5-99 about 42% and 100-500 about 1.8%. Only 0.3% of corporations are large with over 500 employees.

With increased competition, both locally and internationally, emerging new markets such as China, India and Brazil, etc., consulting services available to large corporations have to be made available to their smaller counterparts to ensure Canada’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

We value hard working entrepreneurs, who deserve to own sustainable, stronger and more profitable businesses. Therefore, Ascenda has added, to its existing SR&ED services, a value-added services division, which offers services to SME’s that are at par or better than what is offered by large consulting firms, but at a very affordable cost.

Experts in various fields of financing and investment, outsourcing, technology, marketing and specialized insurance have been pooled together to ensure that high quality value-added services are available to SME’s at an affordable cost with the  highest quality and timely delivery.

Please call us and experience our commitment to your success.

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