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The process of claiming SR&ED tax credits will be smooth and straightforward only if the technical report, supporting documentation, evidence of work and ITC claim forms are submitted in accordance with specific CRA guidelines and within the prescribed time limits.

However, defining, preparing and defending your R&D claims could take time, resources and expertise, which you may not be able to commit. At Ascenda, we understand both your constraints, as well as the rules for claiming the tax incentives.

We have a highly experienced and specialized team of financial and technical experts to assist you in preparing SR&ED claims of any complexity, and defending them to ensure that you maximize your tax credits.

Above all, we are with you on a regular basis throughout the year and not just once after the fiscal year has ended. A customized secured log in access to our web site allows you to input your project (s) key milestones during the fiscal year thus creating an SR&ED activity log, evidence of work and year end agenda for information gathering.


Our Services include the following:

  • Preparation of SR&ED technical and financial reports for submission to the CRA
  • Assistance in defending the SR&ED claim if audited by the CRA
  • Implementation of the SR&ED compliance process within your company to identify ┬áSR&ED projects, activities, time, and expenditures
  • Advice on project management as well as financial and technical documentation that will clearly demonstrate your eligibility for maximum tax credits
  • Assistance in preparing the project white paper for pre-approval by CRA as part of the Pre-Claim Project Review service
  • For claimants in Quebec, assistance in project financing against tax credit with Investment Quebec.


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