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Message from the CEO


The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program has been one of the most successful government initiatives enabling a broad range commercial and industrial sectors to challenge themselves in advancing their know-how and expertise.  The prime intent of this program is to advance science and technology in Canada for Canadian corporations to be globally competitive and successful.

The government is sharing the risk with corporations who invest in R&D to advance their know-how, technologies and products.  Therefore, it is important for corporations to avail this unique tax incentive by engaging in R&D activities that result in technological advanced products and services which can compete globally.

Our team at Ascenda is dedicated to assisting both corporations and CRA achieve the objectives of this program.  Our year round participation with clients, results in claiming only activities that comply with the program criteria while ensuring every eligible and related support activity is identified and claimed.

We strive to ensuring high quality and professional technical and financial SR&ED claim reports are prepared with the least involvement of our clients’ valuable time and resources.

I am also pleased to reiterate the new Value Added Services we have been providing, which no one else in the industry offers.  The purpose of these services is to address some crucial setbacks clients face for survival and expansion of their businesses in today’s globalized economies.  I am positive these services will result in sustainable business growth and higher profitability for our clients.

Please call us to experience our commitment to your business success.


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